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The Return of the Durango Kid (1945) & Bonanza Town (1945) - DVD

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The Return of the Durango Kid


When Steve Downing arrives to reopen his brother-in-laws gold mine, he finds a war between the ranchers and the miners.  Aston has had the water poisoned killing cattle.  When Aston's men find Steve's hat, they kill Tom Tavish and frame Steve for the murder.  Escaping jail the Durango Kid goes into action.

Director: Derwin Abrahams

Stars: Charles Starrett, Tex Harding

Bonanza Town


Using marked bill, Steve is looking for the supposedly dead Henry Hardison.  Coming to Bonanaza Town he gets a job with the town boss Crag Bozeman's and gets paid with marked bills.  He suspects Hardison is Boseman's boss and he is right as Hardison and his men are now planning to get rid of both him and the Darango Kid 

Director: Fred Sears

Stars: Charles Starrett, Fred Sears

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