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All Regions DVD's

With no region coding embedded on the disc the DVD will play in any DVD player in any region

Manufactured to Order (MTO)

With many titles now not experiencing high demand, many to most demands are manufactured using MTO technology.  Only the highest quality recordable DVD's are used and the reproduction of picture and sound quality as good as the original.  Many titles are only available in Black & White, others the production quality at the time of original filming was using old technology.  

Region 1 or Region 4 DVD

A number of titles only available with region 1 or 4 coding.  You will need a player coded for these regions or a player that will play DVD's regardless of the region coding.

Faulty discs

If for any reason your disc is faulty, then we will replace not questions asked!

Is the artwork on listing the same as supplied?

Yes a full DVD case and disc and sleeve packaging included.

Any cost for shipping?

The shipping cost and available discounts for multiple purchases are as per each listing.  To keep shipping costs to a minimum unfortunately no tracking is available - if your order does not arrive as per the timing on our shipping policy a replacement will be arranged.


Returns for faulty discs only, not liking the film not a valid return reason!

What is your privacy policy?

We do not sell or trade your private information. Your email address is only used to send you information about our products and services and you can opt out of this at any time.

What kind of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and PayPal through our secure shopping cart