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The Killer Instinct The Rise & Fall Of Mike Tyson - REGION 2 & 4 DVD PAL

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Killer Instinct - The Rise and Fall of Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson's career has been a roller-coaster of dizzying highs and devastating lows. This extraordinary film covers it all, from his troubled youth in Brownsville Brooklyn to his early training in the Catskills, from his rise to fame as heavyweight boxing's youngest champion to his trial and imprisonment. Legendary fight trainer Cus D'Amato took juvenile delinquent Tyson under his wing and gave him both the will and the means to become the World Heavyweight Champion.

He became one of the most feared of all the great heavyweights. Tyson's reign at the top was punctuated with personal setbacks, the death of D'Amato, the brief and stormy marriage to Robin Givens and finally the much-publicised rape charges. Mike Tyson's attempted comeback, halted by his conviction on rape charges and his subsequent imprisonment was a disastrous end to a singular career.

 In this program we see the man in action, in the ring as the intense fighting machine with killer instinct and out of the ring as the quietly spoken young man whose every move was destined to become front page news. We hear from his peers, his friends and his enemies. It is the classic real-life story of a fallen champion.

Dolby Digital soundtrack

Running time - 90 mins