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Punches They Didn't See Coming / Toe to Toe - 2 Boxing DVD set

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A great boxing 2 DVD pack set - both must have DVD's together!

Punches They Didn't See Coming

"The knockout punch is what boxing is all about."  You sit on the edge of your seat waiting for that ultimate punch.

On this DVD they come thick and fast.  70 of the best punches you'll ever see.  You'll see them in slow motion, from multiple angles and then they will be dissected by the experts telling you what went right and what went wrong.

You'll be amazed at the power and speed that these classic knockout punches are delivered.  Once you see them you will agree that 'these were the punches they didn't see coming'.

For any genuine boxing fan, this is a must have for your collection."

Toe to Toe

30 of the toughest rounds ever fought!

No quarter given no quarter asked.  This is boxing at its best when two boxers equally matched but not prepared to take a backward step, not prepared to show they have been hurt bt fight on to claim the ultimate prize.

Toe to toe sluggers including De La Hoya, Mosley, Gatti, Hagler featured plus many more.

Both still in original seal