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My Brother Jonathan (1948) - DVD - Michael Denison, Dulcie Gray

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My Brother Jonathan

1h 48min | Biography, Drama, Romance

Doctor Jonathan Dakers in flashback tells his son Tony - a World War II veteran, about his life dating from the 1900s. Whilst a medical student he meets and falls for Edie. Before they can marry Jonathan's father dies and he sacrifices his further career so his brother Harold can stay in college. When Jonathan is delayed from reuniting with Edie years later Harold and Edie fall in love during his absence. Complications arise with Edie's engagement to Harold when he is killed in World War I while Edie is carrying his child. Edie dies in childbirth and Jonathan promises to raise the child, Tony, as his own son, and Jonathan and Rachel get married.

Director: Harold French

Writers: Francis Brett Young (novel), Leslie Landau (screen play)

Stars: Michael Denison, Dulcie Gray, Ronald Howard

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