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KINGS GO FORTH Frank Sinatra Tony Curtis Natalie Wood War Drama REGION 4 DVD

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Race, love, and war. The Allies have landed in France, set up in a coastal town, where Lt. Sam Loggins, a serious guy from Manhattan's west side, falls hard for Monique Blair, an American raised in France. Loggins' sergeant, Britt Harris, a playboy from Jersey, also finds Monique attractive. She chooses one to love and the other to befriend after disclosing her parents' history and why she lives in France. The men say it makes no difference, a wedding is announced, and the soldiers face a dangerous mission behind enemy lines. But is everyone being truthful?


Gem of a Film To Enjoy

This film takes place during WW II in Southern France in 1944 almost at the end of the war. However, the Americans and German's were still fighting with each other in the fancy French Reveria where one minute it is calm and peaceful and the next minute there is a complete war going on with the Germans. Frank Sinatra plays the role as a First Lt. Sam Loggins who is a war veteran and he is given a new assignment to try and destroy and remove the Germans in Southern France. Sam hires a new Cpl. Britt Harris, (Tony Curtis) as a communications expert who will travel along with Sam and these two eventually get along with each other. Besides fighting the war, Sam Loggins goes on leave in town and meets a charming young gal who he seems to fall in love at first sight, this gal's name is Monique Blair, (Natalie Wood) who is an American but has lived most of her life in Southern France. Britt begins to take an interest in Monique and this is when the story gets very interesting and some secrets are uncovered in the life of Monique Blair. This is really a great Classic and a film you will not want to view. Enjoy.