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Fighting Frontiersman & Landrush - Durango Kid -DVD- Charles Starrett - WESTERN

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Fighting Frontiersman

PG| 1h  1min | Action, Adventure, Comedy | 1946
Prospector Cimarron Dobbs (Emmett Lynn) stumbles on a vast cache of Spanish gold left in Texas by Santa Anna's army, and knows he will be swindled out of his discovery unless he gets help.  Saloon hostess Dixie King (Helen Mowery) agrees that he must secure the help of the Durango Kid (Charles Starrett), otherwise known as Steve Reynolds. Dobbs is kidnapped by a gang headed by John Munro (Robert Filmer'), owner of the saloon where Dixie works. She writes Steve, and the Durango Kid and his sidekick Smiley (Smiley Burnette) ride out to help. Meanwhile,henchmen Rankin (George Chesebro) and Slade (Zon Murray) are vainly attempting to learn the location of the treasure from Dobbs. Steve begins to suspect that Munro is involved, and offers a $5,000 reward for information leading to Dobb's whereabouts and announces that the treasure will be divided among the needy ranchers in the area.

Writer: Ed Earl Repp (original screenplay)

Stars: Charles Starrett, Helen Mowery, Hank Newman


PG | 53min | Music, Western | 1946

In "Landrush", Steve Harmon arrives in Border Plain to survey the land, known as the Spur, which is to soon be opened to homesteaders. The area is a natural haven for a desperado gang led by Claw Hawkins, already under suspicion of murdering a Pony Express rider. Hawkins' gang wrecks the newspaper office of Jake Parker, but Hawkins loses a marked $100 bill he had stolen from the Express rider. Jake finds it and sends for Steve and Sheriff Tim Collins. Knowing that Hawkins still poses a danger to Jake, Steve switches to the Durango Kid and kidnaps him, hiding him in the carpentry shop ran by his pal Smiley. There, Jake runs off handbills and notices that the Spur is opened for settlement and land will be acquired through a first-one-there landrush. The Hawkins gang, secretly led by rancher Caleb Garvey, tries to circumvent the landrush by taking a short cut and starting a prairie fire in the path of the landrushers. Steve aids the prospective land owners by having them dig fire ditches and then, as the Durango Kid, swooping down on the gang members who are setting up property claims in the Spur.
Director: Vernon Keays

Writer: Michael L. Simmons (original story and screenplay)

Stars: Charles Starrett, Doris Houck, Ozie Waters and His Colorado Rangers  

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