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Biggest Wednesday Condition Black - DVD

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Biggest Wednesday Condition Black

Never in the history of surfing has the ocean roared as hard and as full-on as Wednesday the 28th of January 1998. All the elements came together creating the biggest surf ever to be ridden. 

So this is it. Footage f the biggest surf ever ridden. Surfers are towed into 30to 50ft (up to 18 metres) walls of death.

“Jaws has never been surfed bigger!’ according to Jaws local.

Outside log cabins on Oalms North Shore Hawaii was surfed for the first time ever and was claimed by Ken Bradshaw as NOW the biggest rideable wave ever!


Starring:  Cheyne Horan, Shawn Briley, Noah Johnson, Laird Hamilton, Ken Bradshaw, Dan Moore, Buzzy Kerbox, Ross Clarke-Jones, Tony Ray, Dave Kalama, Michael and Milton Willis.

Soundtrack: Midnight Oil, The Feelers, Shelter, Junkie XL