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Weekly Trivia - 10th September

Posted by Rob Brady on

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Rolling Thunder (1977)

The famous scene where Rane's hand is put into garbage disposal was originally lot more graphic. There was originally shot of his hand getting destroyed. Scene was filmed with fake hand and lamb shank which made it look very realistic. When movie was previewed, audience members reacted very strongly on that scene. According to writer Heywood Gould; "One woman fainted, another person ran into the lobby and demanded his money back, and another guy was so freaked out, that he entered in his car in the parking lot, and crashed into another car". After that preview, the shot of Rane's hand inside the disposal was cut from the movie.

Carrie (1952)

Sir Laurence Olivier accepted the part of George Hurstwood so he could be in Hollywood at the same time that his emotionally troubled wife Vivien Leigh was making "A Streetcar Named Desire (1951)," so that he could look after her.

Kiss Me Deadly (1955)

The Kefauver Commission, a federal unit dedicated to investigating corrupting influences in the 1950s, singled this out as 1955's number one menace to American youth. Because of this, Robert Aldrich felt compelled to conduct a writing campaign for the free speech rights of independent filmmakers.

The Rose Tattoo (1955)

The original Broadway production of "The Rose Tattoo" by Tennessee Williams opened at the Martin Beck Theater in New York on February 3, 1951, ran for 308 performances and won the 1951 Tony Award for the Best Play.

Days of Wine and Roses (1962)

Both Jack Lemmon and Lee Remick sought help from Alcoholics Anonymous long after they had completed the film.

The Ipcress File (1965)

This movie proved to be a major influence on the style and ambiance of the popular television series, "Mission: Impossible (1966)." Television Producer and Director Bernard L. Kowalski had seen this movie, and was so impressed, he requested that a similar mood and urgency be emulated for the show.

The Last Run (1971)

In a March 22, 1971 "Time" Magazine cover story on George C. Scott, Scott was quoted on why he made this film: "I'm doing it because it reminds me of old Bogart pictures".

The Moonlighter (1953)

According to Ben Mankiewicz on TCM, Barbara Stanwyck did her own stunts during the waterfall scene, and despite becoming black and blue, never held up the production.

The FBI Story (1959)

J. Edgar Hoover activity participated in some decisions prior to and during the making of the film including:
• personally chose James Stewart for the role of Chip Hardesty because he felt that Stewart conveyed a positive image.
• two FBI agents were on the set at all times
• forced director Mervyn LeRoy to re-shoot a scene because he didn't approve of one of the extras
• While this movie depicts "Ma" Barker as a notorious criminal, this was the result of J. Edgar Hoover needing to rationalize the killing of an old woman