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3rd September

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The Iron Maiden (1963)

The futuristic new supersonic airliner that they are trying to sell to TransGlobal Airlines is actually not even a passenger-carrying plane. The aircraft shown throughout the movie is a Handley Page Victor, a subsonic Strategic Nuclear Bomber, one of Britain's famous V-Bombers used by the R.A.F. throughout the Cold War years.


Butterfield 8 (1960)

Prior to the advent of digital technology, telephone exchanges were named instead of being numbered. Thus, Butterfield 8 (BU8 or 288) was the name of the exchange that provided service to ritzy precincts of Manhattan's Upper East Side.


Vera Cruz (1954)

Clark Gable warned Gary Cooper not to work with Burt Lancaster, saying, "That young guy will blow you off the screen." Ironically, four years later Gable would work with Lancaster in Run Silent Run Deep (1958).


It Started in Naples (1960)

At one point Sophia Loren accused director Melville Shavelson of filming her from her less attractive side in order to favor co-star Clark Gable. She added, "He doesn't have to worry about his career any more, but I have to worry about mine." Gable immediately exploded, "What the hell is she talking about? Both sides of my face are lousy and my backside isn't much better." Relations between the two stars did not improve after that.


Last Train from Gun Hill (1959) - DVD - Kirk Douglas, Anthony Quinn

During the final shootout, Morgan was supposed to beat Smithers to the draw. However, the actor playing Smithers, Brian G. Hutton kept beating Douglas to the draw. Finally it was decided that Douglas should be holding a shotgun thereby ending that argument. Afterwards Douglas remarked "Can you imagine that upstart beating me to the draw?" Anthony Quinn said, "Don't worry about it Kirk we'll get him in the editing room."



The Harder They Fall (1956)

Humphrey Bogart's last film.

Humphrey Bogart was not a fan of working with Rod Steiger. Bogart was critical of Steiger's method acting technique, and confided to a friend that "This scratch-your-ass-and-mumble school of acting doesn't please me."


The Egyptian (1954)

Marilyn Monroe lobbied hard to play "Nefer", but Producer Darryl F. Zanuck had earmarked the role for his then-mistress, Bella Darvi.


Some Came Running (1958)

It was during the making of this film that Shirley MacLaine found herself welcomed into what would later be called the "Rat Pack" fraternity that included Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, her co-stars in this film. MacLaine says the group known as the "Rat Pack" was actually called "The Clan" by the members while "Rat Pack" was a term given in the 1950s to Humphrey Bogart and his pals by Lauren Bacall.


Indiscreet (1958)

Cary Grant said that this was his personal favorite film and it was a  number of firsts for Ingrid, the first time in an out and out comedy, the first time that she played a woman of fashion, wearing the last of the personal creations by the late Christian Dior and the Rolls Royce that was supposed to be hers was the first 1958 Silver Wraith to be seen on the streets of London. It was also the first time that The Garrick Club was used as a location.


The Way West (1967)

Mitchum's speech in the Lakota language was shot right after his teacher read it to him just two times out loud! Mitchum only needed one take to do it flawlessly and his teacher said that it was the best Lakota accent he had ever heard.